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Pondering Pruit<br>I. Holiest Object

The sage, seer, and poet brings a passion for formation to the Class of '15. A passion he's had for over 37 years. Above: For 28 years, Tom Pruit had done just about done just about everything a teacher could to develop strong men at Cistercian. … [Read More...]

About David Exall Stewart
Today, the term "content provider" is used to describe the function of conceiving, writing, and producing information designed to serve an audience as it also serves the source organization.
Competing for an audience's attention these days pits smaller organizations against the largest in the world.
To break through the clutter, smaller organizations often require the help of someone like Yardstick Communications and David Stewart.
Not just an editor, writer, designer, and programmer of web sites and publications, Stewart brings a combination of business, marketing, and journalistic acumen to bear on each project.
Each compelling and credible story is conceived and written to communicate the organization's distinctive competencies. And Yardstick's polished web and print environments illustrate the attention to audiences an organization's style and professionalism.
Stewart earned his MBA from SMU's Cox School of Business.

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